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Pie’s Merchandise: We’re happy to send a slice right to your door!

Green Coffee Beans

  • Fresh, ready to roast!

Nobska Farms Rocket Fuel

  • made with chili peppers grown in Woods Hole.

Pen & Ink Sketch #1

  • Roaster and Bay Window drawn by Keith Bernier.

Pen & Ink Sketch #2

  • Storefront by Keith Bernier

Pie’s Cocoa

  • Hand blended organic cocoa & cane sugar.

Pie’s Handmade Ceramic Mug

  • Handmade exclusively for us by Deneen Pottery of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Pie’s Hydro Flask

  • Stainless Steel 16 OZ CAPACITY
  • with a little pre-heat (or pre-chill), it will keep your beverage hot or cold for almost a day.

Pie’s Official T- Shirt

  • 100% COTTON, printed locally by Howlingbird Studios in Falmouth


  • Greetings from Pie in the Sky!


  • The only thing stickier than our sticky buns!

Tote Bags

  • 100% Cotton, 100% Portable, 100% Awesome